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Cover Commander – 2 PC Single-user license – Lifetime free upgrades



Product details of Cover Commander – 2 PC Single-user license – Lifetime free upgrades

  • Around 25 3D models with different settings.
  • Image size up to 4000 x 4000 pixels.
  • Number of Computers allowed : 2
  • Work on : Windows All
  • Upgrades : Lifetime Free Upgrades including minor and major versions.
No matter what’s in the box, shoppers will not value it if the box doesn’t have a captivating cover. A great cover conveys a compelling message that the product under the cover is worth their attention… and their money.
Professional Looking 3D Box Shots in No TimeNo doubt you can create a great looking box shot in Adobe Photoshop ($699). The question is: how much time are you willing to invest in learning how to achieve this seemingly simple task?
Cover Commander offers more precise controls over the process of creating a perfect 3D box shot, iPhone, e-Book, Blu-ray disc, iPad, etc., while removing the steep learning curve associated with any general use graphics editor.
Draw even more attention to your product with an animated 3D box, cover or screenshot. Just a couple of extra clicks will create a dynamic animation flashing all kinds of effects that would captivate your customer’s eye.
You can boost your productivity by times with Cover Commander’s command-line options: parse same project with different sets of images, create multiple projects with a single command, and do much more – just untie your imagination. Command-line options are a real “panacea” for “heavy” projects – catalogs, stores, etc.
Reasons to Go with Cover Commander

  • 3D models: Box, Box with disc, Disc, Screenshot, Curved screenshot, Book, Thin book, Manual, Vista box, Card, Spiral book, Monitor, TV, iPhone 5s/5c, iPad, iPad with cover, Blu-ray box, Blu-ray with disc, DVD box, DVD box with disc, CD box, CD box with disc.
  • Let the built-in wizards do the dirty work for you and focus on the artistic details of the cover.
  • Create multiple projects, parse multiple images – with a single command (batch mode).
  • Save the result image with transparent background and use the picture for the complex web or print designs.
  • Save the light, shadow, and reflection settings under a unique name and use those settings in other projects.
  • Set the result image size (up to 4000×4000) and margins in pixels.
  • Draw your customer’s attention with an animated box, cover or screenshot.
  • Don’t pay more than what it actually costs to create a great cover. Create additional covers at no cost at all!

A Picture, a Wizard, and a Mouse ClickCover Commander creates professional, custom-designed three-dimensional virtual boxes for your software, e-books, iPhone/iPad apps, manuals, and even screenshots. A simple picture, Cover Commander Wizard, and a few mouse clicks are all that’s necessary to get the job done. The program’s extensive light, shadow, and reflection controls allow you to render a box or a cover of just about any complexity and see the final product as it is being made in the real-time preview window. The intelligent project creation wizard does the complex work for you, thus you can concentrate on the creative part of your project.
Lifetime upgrades

  • If you buy the Software license which includes “Lifetime upgrades”, you can download current versions for free for the life of your product.
  • Free – this means that there will be no additional costs incurred for updating to current builds of the product purchased from Insofta Development.
  • Lifetime – this is the useful life of the Software, which is the period of time that Insofta Development continues to support the Software with updates and bug fixes.


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