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Atomic Mail Sender – AtomPark

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Product details of Atomic Mail Sender – AtomPark

  • Bulk email sender
  • Use built-in or your own SMTP
  • Address recipients by name
  • Remove unsubscribed users
  • Microsoft Certified Member

Bulk mailing, not an issue anymore!

Atomic Mail Sender is a professional high-performance mass emailing software for your email marketing campaigns. It gives you the opportunity to create and send a large number of emails to an unlimited number of recipients.

Delivery Into “Inbox”

With its many features, such as personalization, the use of spin-text, unsubscribe links and social networking widgets, your mailing is likely to fall into the “Inbox”.

High Sending Speed

The program sends emails quickly at any speed, depending on your SMTP server. Moreover, you can add an unlimited number of SMTP servers for even faster delivery.

Unlimited Mailing Lists

This program does not limit the number of recipients per mailing; this is a great capability as there may be hundreds of thousands of customers to send to. Simply create your newsletter and send it to everyone at once!

Unsubscri-be Wizard

Every bulk email software has an unsubscribe wizard integrated. This software’s wizard lets you remove unsubscribers in multiple ways – by uploading a file with email addresses, connecting to your email server or your very own unsubscribe form.


A bounce is a return message sent by the recipient’s server saying that the requested email address is unavailable or does not exist. This software’s email sender will delete those addresses from your mailing lists automatically.

Spam Checker

Do you want to know if your email is likely to be delivered to the “spam” folder? Use the built-in spam checker, powered by SpamAssassin. It analyzes your email and gives you a spam score. The lower the score, the better the chance of your email getting to the inbox.

Specifications of Atomic Mail Sender – AtomPark


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